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Nutrition & Dietary Counseling Made Easy & Affordable.

 Receive completely personalized and supportive nutrition counselling from a registered dietitian/nutritionist.  

Its time to reclaim your life and achieve your well-being goals 

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Nutrition Counseling for how we live today. 8000+ sessions booked and several happy clients all over Canada.

Connect with a licensed and registered dietitian/nutritionist through face to face, online video sessions, directly from the ease of your home. Improve your mental health in a convenient and affordable way.

How InspireTherapy Works

 We believe that every one is different and is facing their own set of challenges when it comes to nutrition and overall well being in general. There is no one size fits all solution when it comes to nutrition goals. This is why our professionals provide completely personalized and custom nutrition packages that cater to your lifestyle and help you make everlasting changes to your eating habits.   


1. Select a date and time for your free consult

Answer a few questions and choose a date and time that works best for you. Your matched nutritionist/dietitian will be giving you a call at the time of your consult.


2. Consultation with your matched professional

During the consultation, you can ask your matched professional any questions that you may have about the therapy process. 


3. Start your journey

After the consultation, you can begin seeing your nutritionist/dietitian at whatever time works best for you. Start the process of your own personal growth !

We Partner With Licensed & Registered Professionals To Help Serve You. 

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All of our professionals have years of experience in serving clients and helping them grow. Book a free consultation with one of our professionals to see how they can help. 

What can we help with?

Our nutritionists & dietitians take realistic, effective & efficient steps with a personalized action plan and supporting resources. We want you to feel confident in managing your symptoms and improve your lifestyle and develop healthier eating habits. Mentioned below are some of the conditions that we can help with. 

  • Health Coaching
  • Diet and Nutrition 
  • Digestive Issues
  • Weight Management  
  • Food Sensitivity 
  • Renal Issues
  • High Blood Pressure 
  • Sleep Issues
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Prenatal Nutrition 
  • Gluten Free 
  • Plant Based Diets
  • Corporate Nutrition 
  • Sports Related Nutrition 
  • High Performance Diet
  • Diabetes 
  • Cholesterol 
  • Intuitive Eating 
  • Menu Planning
  • Mindful Eating
  • Non Diet Approach
  • Nutritional Counselling
  • Sports Performance
  • Grocery Store Tours
  • Mindful Eating
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy 
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Nutrition Counseling Can Improve Your Health

The stress of living with a chronic condition can be overwhelming. If you’re looking for tools to help with the prevention and management of health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease or IBS, our Dietitians are here for you. Using evidence-based nutritional counselling for health concerns including blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, and digestive health, our Dietitians can help you set attainable nutrition goals that work for you and yo

Healthy Food

Nutrition Counseling Can Help You Manage Your Weight

Weight management is not only about weight loss or decreasing body fat percentage. It is about reaching achieving and maintain a weight that is ideal for your body type. There is no perfect body weight––each body is different! In order to achieve your perfect body weight, one has to follow a process to develop and change their perception/attitude around food, our dietitians will work with you  If you have concerns about your weight, you can connect with one of our Dietitians to discuss sustainable options to help you feel your best. Using personalized goals that focus on building positive health behaviours, we are here to support you on your health journey.

Zero Waste Lifestyle

Nutrition Counseling Can Help You Make Better Lifestyle Choices

When it comes to eating healthy, there is a lot of information out there––so much so, that it can often feel overwhelming. You don’t need to digest it all alone! Our dietitians can help simplify the struggle by providing you with the tools you need to make better food choices while supporting your overall health journey. Whether you are interested in exploring quick and easy meal ideas, eating for an active lifestyle, or if you wish to transition to plant-based eating, our dietitians can help navigate the noise and get you on the path to personalized nutrition.

Trusted By Thousands of Canadians 

“The customer service at Inspire Therapy is truly great. Will recommend to anyone looking for counseling .”

— Client at Inspire

" The professional I was matched with was great and quite knowledgeable "

— Client at Inspire

Book Your Free Consultation

Through online counseling, we have booked 8000+ sessions and have helped several clients all over Canada. Book a free consultation with one of our registered professionals to see how we our can help you grow and feel more confident

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