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S Yildiz

Registered Psychotherapist (Qual), MA

Problems with mental health are not your fault but the result of unfortunate life situations leading you to develop negative thoughts and feelings about yourself, others, and about the future. When we have negative thoughts, we tend to dwell on them leading to more negative thoughts and further exacerbating the issue. I practice Acceptance and Commitment Therapy which helps you acknowledge and embrace those negative thoughts, instead of
fighting with them or suppressing or denying them.


I believe everyone is unique and has the capacity to make positive changes in their lives. My role is to help you explore your strengths and resources with compassion and empathy so that you work towards a meaningful and purposeful life. I have had significant experiences with cases such as anxiety, depression,

grief & loss, couple and family relationships, anger management, and self-esteem.

I also work with an integrative approach using CBT, Solution-Focused and future-oriented
techniques. My other specialization is Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy. I help you use
your spiritual sources - if it is an option- to make and find meaning and purpose in your life.

Through online video therapy, we have booked 5000+ sessions and have helped several clients all over Canada. Book a free consultation with one of our therapists to see how we can help you grow

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