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Stephanie D
Registered Psychotherapist (Qual), MA
My name is Steph, I am a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) with a background in education. With much of my professional experience rooted in children and youth, I bring forth a unique therapeutic perspective and approach. With an attachment and trauma focused lens, I focus on the power of human connection, as through it, healing can occur. When we feel connected to another, we can more easily navigate the issues that get in our way of wellness.
Through the power of relationships, a deeper connection to self becomes more possible.

I consider counselling to be more than just a job, it is my passion. I feel privileged to be part of your journey towards deeper self-discovery and acceptance. I view our time together as a collaborative experience in which I will act as a guide alongside what you bring to our therapy room. Trust and authenticity are integral parts of my practice. If I cannot effectively provide therapy that meets your needs, I will have an open discussion with you and help you find
services elsewhere that better align with your presenting concerns. If I make a mistake, I will take responsibility for that and work towards repairing our relationship.

Through online video therapy, we have booked 8000+ sessions and have helped several clients all over Canada. Book a free consultation with one of our therapists to see how we can help you grow

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